Personalised Ads: Friend or Foe?

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With the rise of digital marketing and Big Data, personalised advertisements and predictive analytics have come a long way. With the amount of personal data available, ads have become incredibly targeted and specific, and with social media and search engines, these targeted ads easily find their way to the attention of the targeted user.

The recipe is fairly simple, data is collated, input it into an algorithm, and then out comes the right ad, to the right user.

Gone are the days of posting an ad in the local newspaper and hoping the right audience sees it.

These targeted ads have created a much more meaningful touchpoint in the awareness stage of the customer value journey. We are seeing ads that can offer real value into our lives, introducing us to products we mightn’t have know existed otherwise. 71% of consumers prefer ads targeted to their interest and shopping habits.

With such specific ads, it can feel like companies know what you want before you even do. We’re seeing that it is causing us to spend more money. When an ad pops up on pay day with a 30% off sale on a handbag you’ve been looking at for weeks, right before you have a big night out planned, of course you’re more likely to buy it.

Whilst encouraging consumers to spend more is the ideal outcome for digital marketers, consumers are catching on.

This could mean a shift in the way targeted ads a presented, and an attempt from digital marketers to make them less “creepy”.

As a consumer, do you find that targeted ads are a friend or a foe?

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  1. Personally, I believe targeted ads can have advantages and disadvantages at the same. They are beneficial when needing to buy something and are a reminder of what needs to be purchased however, they can be distracting and sometimes become annoying when constantly popping up all the time. For brands, I think it is very beneficial to have personalised ads to increase their brand awareness and brand image.


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