Turning Experiential Marketing Digital

Experiential marketing is the process of igniting all senses of the consumer to fully engage and immerse them in a branding experience. You might have experienced experiential marketing yourself, perhaps at a free-sample stand or a fun pop-up like the image below.

This is a very effective form of engaging with the consumer and creating lasting impacts and brand associations in the mind of the consumer, with a survey stating that 74% of consumers who engaged in a brand experience were more likely to buy the product.

The Coronavirus has sped up the adoption of digital technologies by several years. It has also seen a decrease in city commuters as working from home becomes the norm. This means that less people are leaving the house, meaning less opportunities to catch the consumer with experiential marketing.

What digital marketers face today is an opportunity to bring the experience online, to engage the consumer in a digital way. Pepsi has recently launchedPep’s Place’, a digital ‘restaurant’ that offers suggestions on what food to order based on the selected drink. Some marketers are gamifying the experience.

With a significant drop in human-to-human interactions, consumers are moving online to connect with others.

This also offers an opportunity for data collection, through, for instance, heat maps and a/b testing to more accurately evaluate how consumers are reacting to the experience.

Creating and offering inventive and exciting experiences that the consumer can access from their own device in their own home could be the future of experiential marketing.

How do you feel about digital experiential marketing? Do you think it can compare to a physical experience?

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