Amazon and Antitrust

At the back end of 2020, the US Government released a report outlining the findings from the antitrust investigation into BigTech (Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google). For this blog, we’ll focus on Amazon. Around this time, Jeff Bezos was also listed at the richest man in the world. The goal of antitrust is to preventContinue reading “Amazon and Antitrust”

Facebook Advertising: The Moral Dilemma for Small Business

Let’s start with Facebook Facebook’s strategy is well documented: use powerful algorithms to offer dopamine hits, as well as antagonise users to keep them engaged. It is addictive by design. The longer you scroll, the more ads you see, the more money Facebook gets. In fact, 98% of Facebook’s revenue in 2018 was from ads.Continue reading “Facebook Advertising: The Moral Dilemma for Small Business”